How it's made

The Brevard Watch
The traditional narrative in the West is that manufacturing a product in Asia is only done for cost reasons, and that the quality would be lower. However, we found that this could not be further from the truth. When we started our manufacturing research, we realized the expertise to manufacture anything other than ultra-luxury watches does not exist in the United States. 
After getting samples from a variety of manufacturers in different geographic regions, we decided to partner with a watch manufacturer in Shenzhen to create the Brevard Watch with the nylon strap. More and more, companies are moving to China for their manufacturing not for the cost benefit, but because that is where the expertise is in 2016. Our watch movement is made in Switzerland to ensure the highest-standard of accuracy, and all other components (except for the leather strap) are custom manufactured for Brevard by our verified partners in Asia.
As an additional measure taken to ensure quality, all watches are tested at our headquarters in the US before being shipped out to any customer. If any watch isn't perfect, it doesn't go out the door. 
The Leather Strap
The original plan was to include a leather strap with every watch, however good, responsibly-made leather is hard to find in Asia. Often, leather coming out of this region is produced in factories with toxic working conditions. We refuse to support this. In addition, titles such as “Genuine Leather” on a huge number of watch straps actually indicate that the strap is made of the lowest quality leather on the market. 
Good leather is not cheap, but it is worth it. For our leather strap, we’re currently working with Choice Cuts, based in North Carolina. This is the best quality leather we’ve found. Like a good belt or pair of leather boots, it develops a beautiful patina after years of wear. Choice Cuts has been great to work with so far, so we encourage you to check out their online store for more strap options. 
If you’re interested in buying any other leather strap to fit with the Brevard Watch, look for straps that are 18mm wide. For Choice Cuts specifically, our straps are 18mm wide and their “medium” length, a perfect size for smaller to medium-sized wrists. By using this industry standard size and spring-bar configuration, one can customize their Brevard watch with any of the thousands of 18mm straps out there.