What’s inside a Brevard Watch? 

Brevard watches are built to last. All design decisions are centered around using the absolute best components, even if that results in a higher manufacturing cost than other watches in this range. 
Brevard Watch with Leather Strap
The Case
The 316L brushed stainless steel used in our case is the same material present in surgical instruments due to its corrosion-resistant and magnetic-resistant properties. It’s widely used by luxury brands in the industry to ensure watches stay looking new, even after years of wear and exposure to all environments.
Sapphire Crystal
A defining feature of the Brevard Watch is the domed sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating. Using this sapphire crystal instead of mineral glass gives the Brevard Watch the best scratch resistance possible. Sapphire crystals are second only to diamonds in their hardness, so you’ll never have to worry about scratching your watch.
One extra feature specific to the Brevard sapphire crystal is the anti-reflective coating on the inside of the crystal. AR coatings are commonly used on camera lenses and eyeglasses because they can reduce the glare from reflections. The downside is that AR-coated glass is extremely easy to scratch. Brevard’s solution to this is to coat only the inner-side of the crystal, giving the watch superb clarity while maintaining the scratch resistance of the sapphire crystal. 
The Movement
Powering the Brevard watch is a Swiss-made Ronda Caliber 517 quartz movement. Using this high-end Swiss movement ensures the best possible accuracy. The day and date window quickly becomes an essential part of your life.